The All-Ukrainian civil organization “The Guild of professional internal auditors of Ukraine” was founded in 2006 as an opinion maker club for internal auditors exclusively.

In 2017 the Statute of the Guild was changed and new members-independent auditors were welcomed. Up to now, the Guild is the oldest non-profitable body to unite the internal and independent auditors of Ukraine.

Initial idea was to introduce latest practice of internal audit and control in both public and financial sectors. Eventually, the scope of work expanded to internal audit, internal control, independent audit, good governance, taxation, anticorruption, anti-money laudering and fraud prevention.

Based on international experience and comparative studies the Guild elaborated its vision and standards of internal audit for private sector. Unfortunately, most of copy-paste reforms in the field of internal finance control in Ukraine fail for several reasons. Whereas inefficient law enforcement system is a key stuck in the middle factor, one shall never underestimate that any framework, incompatible with national legal environment, is destined to fail.  The Guild aims to promote ideas of good governance, internal audit and control both in private and public sectors with regard to Ukrainian legal system and the best of international experience.

To achieve the latter The Guild has launched several professional courses for auditors since 2018. The courses are focused on theoretical concepts of internal audit, internal control, case study bases on financial reports of Ukrainian state agencies, like PJSC ‘Naftogaz’, State Enterprise ‘ENERGOATOM’,  and municipal enterprises, like ‘Kyiv Subway’, ‘KYIVPASTRANS’. The scope of professional courses includes comparative fraud case studies from jurisdictions from all over the world, financial analysis and extermination of common mistakes within the internal audit reports.

Another aspect of work is taxation analytics and participation at work of the Parliament Committee of Finance, Tax and Customs policy of The Verkhovna Rada.

The Guild is a member to the Civil Council of The State Tax Authority of Ukraine; the latter is a civil council aiming to facilitate communication between business and tax authoritues.

The Guild has signed cooperation agreement with State audit service of Ukraine; the latter is a key state institution to conduct internal audits within state bodies.

The Guild has signed cooperation agreement with The Audit Chamber of Ukraine; the latter is the biggest union for independent (external) auditors within the Ukraine under the national legislation.

The Guild is recognized by The Public Oversight Body as an organization in charge to prepare candidates for qualification exam for independent auditors.

The Guild is a non-profit civil organization, funded for now by its members. Since the full scale Russian invasion the Guild aspires to get additional funding (grants) for NGOs.

The members of the Guild are both internal and independent auditors from both public and private sectors.

In 2019 in the BUILDING INTEGRITY SELF-ASSESSMENT AND PEER REVIEW REPORT by NATO the work of The Guild of professional internal auditors of Ukraine was positively appreciated. In the NATO report the need was stated to expand further the role of Guild of Professional Internal Auditors of Ukraine as a professional community of interest amongst the internal auditors to leverage their professional development using effectively external assistance.